This book is intended for (End-) Users who want to implement and manage the latest release of Open vStorage. You can learn what is needed to setup Open vStorage, add your first Storage Backend and create your first vMachine. Once everything is setup you can use the GUI to follow up on how things are running and be amazed of the IOPS Open vStorage is giving you. In case you want to integrate your applications with Open vStorage, no problem as we have a well documented API. More acquainted with command line? No problem Open vStorage can be managed from a command line.

Open vStorage has a large community which is more than happy to provide advice and help when you are having issues. The community is free to join, but keep in mind that communities only work if you give back from time to time. You can find the Open vStorage community here.

The Open vStorage Documentation is divided into following sections:

You can consult this GitBook online by visiting Documentation for older releases can be found here.

Introduction video

The documentation of individual Open vStorage components is split into different GitBooks: